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Some years ago, as part of my Fantastic Flowers series, I painted some lovely hearts made of flowers, freehand drawings with black ink outlines simply coloured with acrylic inks. I always planned to do more, and might still, but I also always wanted to create different versions of them using Photoshop. In the intervening years,


I’ve learned all about Photoshop so I recently indulged myself and had a great session making adjustments digitally to just a couple of the originals, my eyes popping with delight as I discovered different striking effects while I produced my pretty Hearts of Flowers prints, all in beautiful new colours.


Though I’m not particularly soppy (and in resistance to the general commercialisation of our lives), I do like to think that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just one day a year. Every day can be Valentine’s Day – if we want it to!


I’d love to think that the purpose of these exciting new Hearts of Flowers prints is to be a visual reminder for you every day that someone loves you. And of course, that works both ways - when life gets in the way, it’s sometimes surprisingly easy to forget that simple fact, don’t you think?

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