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The story behind my Boho Summer collection is essentially one of me and my watercolours painting intentionally ‘pretty’ art.


Because I love to work intuitively, I always say that I let my imagination (heart? soul?) take the lead. Most of what I produce is, dare I say it? beautiful in some way or other. Yes, I’m allowed to say it! :D


But because my imagination works in partnership with the medium I’m using, this determines how a piece of art actually looks, and often there’s a robustness to the beauty. A strength. A strong sense of energy. Which I love. It’s a signature element of the Country Garden collection, for example. But in contrast, I also love the delicate and the refined in all things.

So, with my Boho Summer paintings, I decided in advance that I’d add some intention into what I’d create. And that intention was that these paintings would be, not so much strong and beautiful like those in the Country Garden, but ‘pretty’, extra-pretty if possible. And fine. And delicate.

Well, what d’you think? D’you think I did it? I do feel as though I did. I have to love my creations in order to offer them to anyone else, and I really do love these paintings. I love that they were created more ‘on purpose’ than usual. And I love the thought and restraint that went into them.

If you feel the same as I do, I hope you’ll go and soak up the prettiness of my Boho Summer paintings. Yes, there’s only a few at the moment, but there will definitely be more. Watch this space :)

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