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My Fantastic Flowers paintings originally came from an uncompromising physical sense that I wanted to paint big – and fast, with wide arm-swinging movements! (And large flowers of any kind are fantastic, aren't they?)


To start, I draw freehand with a dropper full of black acrylic ink and then spray parts of the drawing with water before the ink dries, which causes the smudges and runs that give the signature look to the series.

This sets a very expressive foundation for the painting. Then I loosely add my favourite colours to complete the picture, letting them flow freely, outside the lines if they like, to enhance the dynamism of the original drawing.


I purposely leave the accidental inky splashes to bring life to the unpainted white canvas background (accidental splashes only - I never do spatters on purpose!). The largest works are created in exactly this way, with the smaller ones having their own variant of this method.

Though the Fantastic Flowers paintings are intentionally airy, light and bright in spirit, they make a surprisingly bold impression when on the wall. 

Coming soon to my shop: prints and originals (acrylic inks on stretched canvas, sizes ranging from 20x20cm to 80x80cm).


While you wait, please browse my Fantastic Flowers paintings and feel free to contact me if you have any questions in the meantime.

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