Hello! I’m Susan Marie Williams, a freelance artist, and I’ve been passionate about making all kinds of art all my life. I create art because I just can't stop. It's the thing I've always done, even when I wasn't doing it.


I honestly don't know why I create the type of art I create. The style, the content, it's all just what naturally pours out of me. You'll find my art uplifting, with a child-like spirit and full of life, warmth, expression and colour. I work organically, which means I rarely plan what I'm going to do. I just let the ideas flow. Whatever I've picked up – a pen, paintbrush, pencil or pastel, or even a digital pen for vector art – the art will reveal itself, and the medium will determine the final results. This is why you’ll see distinct types of art from me, grouped in series, according to the medium I've used. I have a permanent focus on flowers, often stylised and sometimes bordering on the abstract, but now and then you’ll see a butterfly, a snail, or some other little friend under the spotlight or you’ll catch a glimpse of an inviting made-up landscape in the background.

Though my work doesn’t often aim to be realistic as I love to work from my imagination and memory, it's always been inspired by the natural detail I soaked up as a child in rural North Yorkshire. After living for more than 20 years in and around London, some years ago I moved back to the village where I was born and grew up. Now I’m surrounded again by those fields of beautiful animals and birds, the hedgerows I know so well, all full of wonderful wild flowers, and the familiar aged oaks and ash trees leaning away from the westerly winds. My connection with my childhood – everything I absorbed as a kid, the physical detail and the strong personal influences of those special people who loved me – will always underpin what I create and how I feel about it. And all that I've learned from a lifetime of making art filters into everything I do.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about anything you see on my website.